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The NAA Affiliate Awards are open to the state and local apartment associations affiliated with the National Apartment Association. Please note these award categories are not for industry members (communities, property management companies, etc.) or suppliers.

The Affiliate Awards recognize affiliates in five areas:

  • Community Service
  • Communications
  • Membership Development
  • Government Affairs
  • Education

Submissions are intended to apply to programs achieved during the previous year, 2018. Submissions may be for one program or a series of programs.

  • Community Service entries may include, but are not limited to: resident relations programs, media promotions, public/private partnership programs, charity efforts and crime prevention activities.
  • Communications entries may include, but are not limited to: publications, newsletters, form letters, regular and special event promotions, and print and electronic media campaigns.
  • Membership Development entries may include but are not limited to: recruitment programs, retention programs, new member orientations, special award programs, and member benefit programs.
  • Government Affairs entries may include, but are not limited to: legislative programs, voter registration drives, Political Action Committee (PAC) solicitation campaigns and non-campaign assistance programs.
  • Education entries may include, but are not limited to: NAAEI designation programs, special seminars, workshops and panels, and professional development programs.

For all categories, past winners are NOT eligible for consideration again for the same entry/project for 5 years.

Submission Requirements
In addition to basic contact information, please be prepared to submit the following:

  • Program goals and objectives
  • Target program audience / size of target audience
  • Demonstration of program success & how it was measured
  • Innovativeness of program 
  • Cost effectiveness of program 
  • Percentage of target audience reached by program (Communications & Education Awards only)
  • Impact of the program as measured by target audience response to program (Communications Award only)
  • Degree of political support or opposition to program's goals & objectives (Government Affairs Award only)
  • Ability to identify other organizations sharing same goals and build a coalition (Government Affairs Award only)
  • Ability to attract member volunteers to participate in program (Community Service Award only)
  • Impact on organization receiving the service (Community Service Award only)
  • Public recognition of association for community service (Community Service Award only)
  • Timeliness of program delivery (If in response to emerging issue) (Education Award only)
  • Demonstration of growth in numbers of property management and vendor members (Membership Development Award only)
  • Demonstration of retention of property management and vendor-supplier members (Membership Development Award only)
  • Involvement of members in execution of program (Membership Development Award only)
  • Sample materials 

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