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The NAA Affiliate Awards recognize affiliates in five areas:

  • Community Service
  • Communications
  • Membership Development
  • Government Affairs
  • Education

Submissions are intended to apply to programs achieved during the previous year, 2016. Submissions may be for one program or a series of programs.

  • Community Service entries may include, but are not limited to: resident relations programs, media promotions, public/private partnership programs, charity efforts and crime prevention activities.
  • Communications entries may include, but are not limited to: publications, newsletters, form letters, regular and special event promotions, and print and electronic media campaigns.
  • Membership Development entries may include but are not limited to: recruitment programs, retention programs, new member orientations, special award programs, and member benefit programs.
  • Government Affairs entries may include, but are not limited to: legislative programs, voter registration drives, Political Action Committee (PAC) solicitation campaigns and non-campaign assistance programs.
  • Education entries may include, but are not limited to: NAAEI designation programs, special seminars, workshops and panels, and professional development programs.

Submission Requirements
In addition to basic contact information, please be prepared to submit the following:

  • Program goals and objectives
  • Target program audience / size of target audience
  • Demonstration of program success & how it was measured
  • Innovativeness of program 
  • Cost effectiveness of program 
  • Percentage of target audience reached by program (Communications & Education Awards only)
  • Impact of the program as measured by target audience response to program (Communications Award only)
  • Degree of political support or opposition to program's goals & objectives (Government Affairs Award only)
  • Ability to identify other organizations sharing same goals and build a coalition (Government Affairs Award only)
  • Ability to attract member volunteers to participate in program (Community Service Award only)
  • Impact on organization receiving the service (Community Service Award only)
  • Public recognition of association for community service (Community Service Award only)
  • Timeliness of program delivery (If in response to emerging issue) (Education Award only)
  • Demonstration of growth in numbers of property management and vendor members (Membership Development Award only)
  • Demonstration of retention of property management and vendor-supplier members (Membership Development Award only)
  • Involvement of members in execution of program (Membership Development Award only)
  • Sample materials