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The NAA Excellence Awards’ NSC Achievement Award is an individual award based on professional achievement and personal contributions to the apartment industry.  Many individuals in the supplier community have made significant “above and beyond” contributions to the apartment industry.  Please consider recognizing individuals by submitting them as a candidate for this prestigious award.

Submission Requirements
In addition to basic contact, CAS and Lyceum information, please be prepared to submit the following a summary statement describing why the nominee  is deserving of the award, and their achievements in the apartment industry.



  • Nominee must be an NAA member in good standing
  • Nominee must be a member of—or involved in—the NSC at some point in their career
  • Nominee may not nominate themselves
  • Nominee may not be a current NSC officer
  • Nominee may not have received the award in the past five years



If there is more than one nominee for the NSC Achievement Award, voting will be conducted via email ballot with the NSC membership in late March or early April. There is only one voting member per NSC company. 

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